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My name is Yutaka Tsutano. I am a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I received my BSCP (Computer Engineering) and BSEE (Electrical Engineering) degrees from UNL in 2008.


I have been involved with many university/personal projects. I have implemented an encryption algorithm for the governments, interactive online systems using Ajax, various embedded systems, and so on. Most of them are designed by myself, and some are the results of our team work.

YTClock (2005-Present)

Very light-weight, beautiful transparent clock for Mac and PC.

Autonomous Helicopter Project (2006-2007)

Autonomous helicopter flight system with a single webcam.

Other Projects

Non-comprehensive list of projects without detailed information.


I have written a PHP script to view my photos:


Recent DSLR still cameras are pretty good at taking videos too:

Twitter Updates

I'm on Twitter as @ytsutano.

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